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Tips & Frequently Asked Questions -- FAQ

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Tile Installation:

Q: What makes an installation a 'good install'?
A: Lay-out, performance, and maintenance.

Q: Can we install tile directly over wood?
A: Only if needed, with specialized mortar.

Q: Is mastic a good material to install?
A: On floors or in showers? - no. On backsplashes - yes.


Q: How long should I expect my tile work to last?
A: Ceramic tiled floors - 15+ years, Porcelain tiled floors - 30+ years, Showers - 20+ years, Exterior - 10+ years

Q: How does tile perform with Pets?
A: Excellent. The drinking water does not swell the tile, nor will the paws scratch it. Neither has any dog chewed at tile yet!

Q: Can I steam clean my grout?
A: Sure - if properly installed this should not be an issue.

Q: Is tile cold?
A: Not with head mats - it is luxuriously charming!

Q: Does Tile installation affect the cleaning?
A: Absolutely! Narrow smooth grout lines with high quality grout in tile work over a cement base will make your cleaning significantly easier.

Q: Should my tile be expected to crack?
A: No - a good install should not show any cracks except for excessive settling of the home or structural weakness.


Q: How often do I need to seal my granite?
A:o That depends on the sealer used. Most sealers need to be sealed at least once a year. However DUCA has and uses a sealer that lasts much longer. When we install your countertop we put it on and you won't have to reseal for another 10 years. We also keep this product in stock at our showroom.

Q: How do I clean my floor?
A: Avoid acid and harsh cleaners- especially with natural stone. Regular floor cleaners are fine. We do sell special tile & stone cleaners in our showroom.

Q: What would you use to clean granite?
A: Never use any harsh chemicals when it comes to granite (or any natural stone), for it can scratch the surface. No Comet, Windex, Ammonia, or acids. We offer simple soft soap solutions for easy cleaning and maintenance in our showroom.

Granite Selection:

Q: Where do I go to see actual stone/granite?
A: Come to our showroom!
A: Go to some of our suppliers
A: Visit our supplier's websites!

Q: What is Granite?
A: Simply stated - slices of rock from many diverse locations on the earth. Brazil, Canada, India, USA, Italy, Greece, etc. After "slicing" the granite out of the earth, one side gets polished to desired finish.

Q: What colors does granite come in?
A: As many colors as personalities. Every piece is unique, as the source is nature.

Q: What makes Granite attractive as a countertop?
A: The performance: heat resistant, stain resistant and scratch resistant.
A: The exclusive value: the shading, coloring, veining; all this makes the granite unique to the home it's installed in.
A: The resale value: being a natural product, granite is much less sensitive to fads or fashion changes any man-made material, including quartz. I.e. White Carrara marble was on Emperor Caesar's tabletop.

Q: What are the disadvantages of granite?
A: Hard to work with - make sure it is installed right the first time!
A: Limited sizes. Sometimes a seam is necessary. However, our granite guys do a great job at seaming to make the piece flow and the seam hardly noticeable.
A: A platter or pot dropped will most likely break before the granite will. It is a very hard surface.


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