Our Process: Exacting and Playful
Shopping for tile and granite should be an exciting and memorable experience. Duca brings an entire staff of knowledgeable and passionate veterans – in sales, design, engineering and installation – to make sure that your process and final product are as flawless as humanly possible, regardless of your project’s size or scope.

Step #1 – Ordering
Once your preferred granite is ordered, Duca forwards information for templating and installation.

Step #2 – Scheduling
Templating and installation is scheduled at the customer’s convenience.

Step #3 – Digital Templating
A home visit is scheduled that allows us to generate a precise digital template to complete your project to perfection.

Step #4 – BACA Saw Setup
We use your newly minted template to direct our computer-driven BACA saw to cut stone with astounding precision.

Step #5 – Cutting
Our master technician reviews options for seam placement then signals the saw to begin cutting.

Step #6 – Polishing
Once the stone is cut, it is moved into polishing for final finish and edge details.

Step #7 – Loading & Unloading
After such investment in the finished surfaces, our expert staff load it carefully for delivery and place a courtesy call prior to installation.

Step #8 – Installing
Duca arrives at the customer’s home to install the final countertops and vanities.